Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tips for Our Safety

Looking at our society today, we could really see the mere difference as to what it was before when talking about safety. Right now, we are facing a dilemma of various crimes that are unfortunately increasing in rate and that victims have also continue to rise in number. Sad to say, but the fact is most of our children, elders and women are the ones who are frequently the victims of such cruel incidents.

Many have been taking advantage of their vulnerability and made them as the primary targets of crimes. We often hear in radios, or see televisions. and the internet such cases of killings, robberies, rapes and other abuses. It is just so depressing to know that there are people who do not have souls.

This is now the perfect time to make a move in order to address such major concern. Of course, we do not want to be the next victims and fall into their baits. We should therefore begin to do something for our own safety. Taking part to some self-defense classes is a good option. In here, we could learn a lot of things that can be used to protect our selves from potential threat and danger. Gone are the days that we are so helpless and that all we could do is only to shout for help.

The basic thing that we can learn in these classes is on making use of whatever we have on hand. Canes, umbrellas and even keys are good examples that can somehow help us in possible attacks. We may be in doubt or in surprise, but yes, these are already self-defense tools when threatening situation arises. These things can be used to hit an attacker in his vital body parts, his eyes for instance. This act can already cause serious damage to the suspect. We are protected immediately with just the things that we carry along in our day-to-day life.

Moreover, using such techniques requires also an important factor for it to be that effective and useful. We should be able to identify the weak points of the attacker for us to know where to strike him. We must remember parts such as the eyes, nose, throat, and the groin. Hitting these would surely injure an attacker.

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