Friday, September 21, 2012

Breast Augmentation Gone Bad

Breast augmentation remains to be one of the most sought after procedures in the market, as it gives clients who choose to undergo the procedure a boost of confidence and an improved physique. However no matter how much success and popularity this procedure gathered, it still has inherent risks for complications. There remains to be that chance of something going wrong. How do you determine if something is indeed not quite right? Here are ten ways to determine if your breast augmentation result has gone bad.

1. When you feel tightening on your chest area, specifically from your implants, this can be a sign of a capsular contracture. This is when a scar tissue develops around the implant putting some pressure on it which results to hardening of the breasts.

2. Sometimes implant deflation can also occur it could be due to external factors which cause the implants to rupture or leak. When this happens you will notice your breasts becoming asymmetrical. A reaction from deflated saline implants is less likely to occur since the fluid has the same osmolarity with that of our body fluids. However, if you had a silicone implant on, you should immediately notify your surgeon because this can cause untoward reactions such as capsular contractures as an inflammatory response to the foreign substance.

3. If you are experiencing chills, increased temperature, pain, redness and swelling specifically on the site of the implants, this could be a sign that you are having an infection. For this case, immediately report this to your surgeon to get immediate help before it progress into something more serious such as sepsis.


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