Friday, October 19, 2012

Beach Party Make-Up Tips

Going to a party on the beach is one of the best things to look forward to during the summer months. But your swimsuit or sundress aren't the only things that can help you look fabulous. Many women feel that they can't wear make up to the beach because it will run or won't stay on right. But there are lots of ways you can wear make up to the beach and have it look fabulous the whole time. Below are a few tips and tricks that will give you that sun-kissed beach look all summer long.

    Your skin: Protecting your skin is a must anytime you're out in the sun. But instead of wearing a simple sunscreen, try a tinted moisturizer that has SPF in it. Places that specialize in skin care products like Kheil's have really good tinted moisturizers that contain SPF.

    Bronze it up: Nothing gives you that natural sun-kissed look more than bronzer. To get the most out of your bronzer, get a multi-colored bronzer and apply it with a thick bronzer brush. This ensures that it will go on evenly and smoothly. Apply a few strokes to your entire face and neck. Bronzers don't just make your skin tanner, they give a beautiful glow.

    Have fun with shadow: Summer is a time of pure joy and carefree fun. You don't want to wear too much eyeshadow to a beach party, since heat and sweat will most likely cause some of it to wear off quickly. But a little eyeshadow can go a long way. Save all your matte shades for the winter, and get some fun summer colors like bright orange, yellow and pink that have shimmer in them. Put just a small amount on along your entire crease. There are tons of summer colors to choose from, so try getting a percentage of your cosmetics from a wholesaler to save some money.

    Glitter: This may not be something you want to experiment with during the rest of the year, but just about anything can work at a beach party. Add some glitter to the outer creases of your eyes, your chest, shoulders, and wrists. This gives you a small amount of sex appeal without going over the top.

    Lip Gloss: All you need for a beach party is a simple shiny lip gloss without any color. In this case, the shinier the better. Some glosses have multi-color shimmer in them, making your lips pop. Carry a tube of lip gloss around in your purse, so you can reapply after drinking your fruity summer cocktails.

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